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Domain Renewal FAQ

How will I know when the domain is due for renewal?

Several e-mail notifications are sent (to domain's administrative contact e-mail ID) starting 30 days prior to the domain expiry date.  You can also login to My Account and see the domain expiry date.

Can I renew the domain before expiry date?

Yes, you can renew domain at any time,  domain validity will be extended one year from the date of expiry, so you don’t lose anything by renewing early.

Can I renew domain after domain expiry date?

Yes,  you get upto 35 days to renew .com, .net, .org domains after expiry date. You get only 14 days after expiry date to renew .in and .co.in domains. After this period the domain is deleted from your account and goes to redemption period when you can still restore the domain to your account by paying a huge fine. At the end of redemption period, domain is released and anyone can register the same domain again.

Can I renew a domain not registered through datanumeric.com?

Yes, by transferring the domain to our registration service. You should initiate the domain transfer process before domain expiry date, domain transfer includes one year renewal.

Once the domain has expired, you can only renew the domain through the current domain registration provider.