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Website Design and Web Development

Datanumeric.com offers professional website design & development, website promotion, maintenance and consultancy services in Bangalore. We use 14+ years website design expertise, content editing, programming skills to develop visually attractive and technically sound websites.

Datanumeric.com is the only company in Bangalore consistently designing websites with 95% success rate.

Success Plan : Website Design + Promotion + Maintenance for 1 year

Includes "everything" for web site success.

Success plan offers 100% web site success rate for established companies with more than 1 Crore annual turnover and 95% success rate for startup companies.

We Design, promote and maintain your web site and help you run your website as a profit centre means you will receive regular business enquiries through your web site, which can be easily converted to long term orders with due follow up .


web design success plan


Corporate website design Unique Custom Graphical layout design optimisation of logos, scan and optimise photographs of upto 20 products
(Programming etc if required will be extra)
Includes :
+ Website layout graphic design  
+ Homepage Banner animations 10-15 Sec (additional animation work if required will be billed extra)  
+ Content editing and fine tuning content presentation to maximise effectiveness.  
+ Business Enquiry Form visitors can fill and e-mail to site owner. Website owner can track how many business enquiries are received through the site.  
+ Submission to popular FREE search engines and directories  
+ Website maintenance for 1 year work not exceeding "2 hours" work per month which includes monitoring the site weekly to maintain search engine positioning. Update site text content as and when required. we also provide consultancy to make site more profitable with new ideas etc.  


50% estimated cost with order balance 50% on completion of the site design.

Text content for website should be provided in any of the popular formats like .txt, .doc, .pdf or .rtf and images in .jpg, .gif, .tiff, .psd or .png etc.

Time required for completion about 3-4 weeks on receipt of order with advance and full content to be published on the web site.

How much profit can a successful website generate?

We have clients who derive 10% to 90% of their business profit through their website - few lakh rupees to millions of rupees every year. See some websites designed by us in our website design portfolio.

If you are planning to launch a successful website that will help your business grow, contact us today.