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Web Hosting FAQ

How much hosting space?

On our Reliable Web Hosting (Linux) "Plan One" you can comfortably host upto 50 page website and use 10 Email ID’s. This is suitable for most small / medium sized businesses. If you need more E-Mail ID’s you can select higher hosting plans.

Hosting reliability

Reliability of hosting server depends largely on the skill of systems administrators managing hosting servers. Datanumeric.com has 12+ years of hosting server administration track record and we host only optimum number of sites per server. Our first hosting customer is still with us after 12+ years is true testimonial of our hosting reliability.

Our competitors offering unbelievably low hosting price tend to have less skilled systems administrators. They also host large number of sites per server (only way to make a profit at unbelievably low hosting price) resulting in unbelievably poor service quality.

Move to Reliable Web Hosting with EasySwitch!

Fed up with your current hosting provider? Move to Reliable Web Hosting at Datanumeric.com.

Switching your hosting provider is easy with EasySwitch. Maybe you've been putting it off because you think it is difficult, there will be down time or disruption of e-mail service while switching your hosting. We make it easy to shift to us.

We will move the website

That's right, you simply provide us some basic information like the Username/Password for your current website and we will move your website to our fast and reliable servers in 24 hours.

The process is totally transparent so your visitors they will never notice a thing, zero down time, no disruption of the e-mail service.

All you have to do is choose which hosting plan is right for you and we do the rest!

Do you offer unlimited hosting?

Yes, we offer unlimited hosting (unlimited disk pace, unlimited e-mail ID’s and unlimited bandwidth) contact us for details.