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Domain Transfer FAQ

Why transfer domain?

If you have registered the domain name through another registrar and you find it difficult to manage the domain you can transfer it to us. Advantage is you will get full domain control; you can manage all aspects of the domain directly in the domain control panel provided by the registrar.

How to transfer domain

To transfer a domain you should have access to domain control panel, each domain has a control panel provided by the registrar, where you can login and manage the settings associated with the domain. Many unscrupulous registration providers do not give you domain control panel access. If you don’t have access to domain control panel contact the customer support department of your current domain registration provider and ask them to help you transfer the domain.

Domain transfer will cost one year domain renewal fee, your domain will get renewed for one more year. For eg. if your domain is already valid till 2014, transferring the domain will renew it for 1 more year upto 2015.

You can transfer an active domain at any time before the expiry date, ideally you should initiate domain transfer process at least 7 days before the expiry date.

Domain transfer is an easy process, if you follow the steps :

Step 1 : Login to your domain control panel and check if the domain is locked, if so disable the lock setting. Check the domain administrative contact e-mail ID is a valid e-mail ID which you have access to, if not update the administrative contact e-mail ID.

Step 2 : While you are logged in the domain control panel there will be a setting called EPP(Extensible Provisioning Protocol)code or Domain Transfer Authentication code, or Domain Secret etc different registrar domain control panels mention it in different way but if you look around you can locate it.

Copy this EPP code and paste it to a text file and save it on your computer, you will need this code when submitting the domain transfer request at Datanumeric.com

If you cannot find the EPP code, contact the customer support of the domain registration provider and ask for EPP code or Domain Transfer code.

Step 3 : Go to domain transfer page on Datanumeric.com and type in your domain name you want to transfer.  When asked type in the "EPP code"

Submit the domain for transfer and make the payment.

Step 4 : When payment is received Datanumeric.com will activate the domain transfer process then an e-mail will be sent to the Administrative contact e-mail ID for the domain.

Step 5 : Once you get the domain transfer authorization e-mail, read it carefully and click on the link in the e-mail to authorize domain transfer.

Step 6 : When the authorization is received from you the domain will be submitted to the registry for transfer and the domain will get transferred in 5 days.  Meanwhile your website will keep working; when the domain transfer is complete you will get a notification e-mail.

Can I transfer an expired domain?

No. Once the domain has expired, you have to renew the domain through your current registration provider only. Once the domain is renewed you can transfer it after 60 days.