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Website Design / Web Development FAQ

What is a successful website?

The major criteria for evaluating success of a business website is, to track how many business enquiries are coming through the website, most prospective customers will tell you they saw your website. If you are not getting any business enquiries through your website, it is not successful, don’t waste your time, contact us today, we may be able to re-design the website using optimal design techniques and improve your website performance.

Apart from generating business enquiries, website's can be used to improve communication with the customers and share holders – provide answers to frequently asked questions, press release archives, news letter mailing list, customer support help desk etc.

Why some websites are more successful than others?

The answer is these websites are optimally designed, promoted, maintained and visitors like these websites. Prospective customers looking for products, services will search and find successful websites others miss the bus.

Website design is not graphic design ....

Graphic design = Art

Website design = Art + Complex Mathematics

Only technically sound, expert website designers with years of website design experience, can design websites that attract prospective customers to your website and generate business leads. Building a successful website is a complex effort that needs lots of experience and technical expertise, apart from graphic design skills, this is why you will not get a successful website at cheap website design rates.

Most graphic designers / print designers are absolutely clueless about how to build successful website. When 100 websites are designed by print designers only less than 5 will be successful. This is why your website designed by visiting card / brochure designer or multi-media company will not generate useful business leads.

Now you know the secret why you should hire experienced website design company if you want your website to be successful, there is no short cuts! there is no cheap options!

Datanumeric.com has 14+ years experience in website design and development, when we design websites with optimal website design techniques, we get 95% website success rate.

How much profit can a successful website generate?

We have clients who derive 10% to 90% of their business profit through their website - few lakh rupees to millions of rupees every year.

If you want to launch a successful website or re-design your website and make it successful, contact us today.